Carabinas Cometa

Heirs to a centuries-old tradition of high quality gun making, Carabinas Cometa are specialists in the development of craftsman-built air guns.

Cometa, work process

As a result of our extensive experience in manufacturing airguns and the constant effort to innovate our products, we are able to offer high quality airguns. All components of the airguns are manufactured in Spain. In particular, the main parts of the airguns - the barrel, stock and tube - are manufactured and controlled by Cometa itself. All the airguns are individually tested and calibrated; the speed is controlled under the laws of each country.

Manufacture of the barrel:

At Cometa we are conscious that the success of a compressed air carbine is dependant upon the quality of the barrel. For this reason, we rigorously control the whole process of manufacturing, from the selection of the raw materials to the final finishing. Cometa’s barrels are precisely drilled and later cold hammered in machines especially made for this process.


The hammered process guarantees a finished mirror inside the guns and contributes hardness to the material. Finally, all the guns are meticulously straightened using precision tools. This superb quality controlled process characterized by the production of its barrels from start to finish, make Cometa airguns stand out as a high quality brand.